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The CREED COLLEGE READINESS PROGRAM helps young people reach their educational goals and attend the college of their choice.

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Newsome chosen as 1st CREED Nonprofit Management Intern

Demarius Newsome, age 22, is the 1st CREED Undergraduate Nonprofit Management Intern.  He is currently a third year student at Hampton University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Studies through the Dr. William R. Harvey Leadership Institute.  He has a pre-law concentration through the Hampton University pre-law Institute, and is matriculating through the Dr. Freddy T. Davy Honors College.


UPDATE:  January 4, 2013

 "Our 1st Intern, Demarius Newsome, completed his 4 projects and is now readying himself to head back to Hampton University. While an intern, Demarius provided CREED with a website analysis, build a participant database, did a content analysis of our newsletters, and discovered best practices for small nonprofits relevant to our work with CREED.

As a CREED participant and in gratitude for his hard work on his assignments, Mr. Newsome will receive two minigrants that he can us...e at his discretion to help with his travel costs back to school. Demarius is a junior at Hampton, a member of the marching band, and a stellar student. He is a graduate of Meadville Area High School and the grandson of Rev. Berta Newsome Jones of United Faith Fellowship.

He sets a wonderful precedent for CREED students who will follow him in the internship program and is an excellent example for his younger sisters. Join us in thanking Demarius for his contribution to our efforts and for serving as our first intern" (Terrence Mitchell, Facebook Post, 1/4/14).


The Undergraduate Nonprofit Management Internship is a pilot program for which CREED hopes to continue to raise funds to support in future years.  

The goal of CREED is to:

  1. Help students and their families make affordable and attainable college choices that match the student’s abilities and interests.
  2. Provide information and experienced advice to students and their parents to increase their potential for success.
  3. Work with students once they arrive on their respective campus to provide them support and guidance to ensure their persistence and subsequent graduation from their institutions.

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About Us

CREED was founded in 2010 with the intent to help young people with their college decision making process.  Our name, CREED, is symbolic of our motto: Believing in our Youth. 


Our mission and vision statements, along with a brief history help illuminate our hopes for our program's participants.  Click here to learn more about us.

"Thanks to all of you for your support over the past three years.  As we enter our fourth year, we have focused our efforts on reading, readiness, retention and research.  These specific foci are a result of an assessment of our past work and needs expressed by our participants.  As always, we need your support to continue the work with our students.  Your help is so appreciated and necessary; your contributions help us stay true to our mission and to our goal to keep our services to our students and families without costs.  Though you will soon receive a fundraising appeal, consider making a donation now at creedonline.org/donate-to-creed", Terrence Mitchell, Executive Director. 




Terrence Mitchell will present at the Allegheny College undergraduate student conference, "Democracy Realized?" and at the North Central Student Association annual meeting this spring.  These opportunities help spread CREED's messages about college readiness for marginalized groups.



Contributions continue to come in, and we consider the fundraiser to be successful.  Thanks to all of you who helped make it so and to all of our stakeholders who wish us well.  We can't do this work without you. Believing in our Youth!  T. Mitchell & R. Matthews, Co-Founders, CREED


FALL NEWSLETTER: Featured Contributor - Dr. Danine Fleming.  Longtime CREED supporter and donor, Dr. Fleming, discusses how consideration of the Physcian's Assistance track in Health Care is viable for students making practical choices about their education.  Mitchell also shares the new strategic focus for 2013-2014 along with a statement about our redirection.


ATTN:  Higher Ed Administrators, Faculty and Graduate Students.

CREED is accepting submissions for the Spring and Summer editions of its newsletter, Believing in our Youth.  If you have an idea for an article, story or opportunity that you want to share with our students, families and stakeholders; please email  creedcollegereadinessprogram@gmail.com.  

Spring publication deadline; March 1 and Summer, June 1 annually.   

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