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Executive Board of Directors (Voting, Fiduciary responsibility)

Terrence Mitchell, Chair and Treasurer - SNUY Oneonta

Rhonda Matthews, Ph.D, Member; Edinboro University

Fairo Mitchell, J.D., MBA, Member; Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Crystal Austin-Seymore, Emeritus, Buffalo, NY

Khristian King, Member; Emeritus, Buffalo, NY

National Advisory Board Members (Non-voting)

Bernard Bermudez; Bank of America; Las Vegas, Nevada

June Elkin-Baker; Empowered, Inc.; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Carmen Ramsey Ellington; August Wilson Center; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Felicia Gustin, SpeakOut; Oakland, California

Sharon Hill-Wooten, Idabel High School; Idabel, Oklahoma



Class of 2018

We have so many graduates to be proud of this year. I will start listing them here and if you know of more please add them and their parents or loved ones to the page.

High school graduates for the class of 2018 are, so far: Addisen Mitchell (parents Dr. Rhonda Matthews and Mr. Terrence Mitchell), Kaleb Smith (parent Elisha Brown and Kory Jackson), Rikki Abdallah (parent, Tamia Dixon), Brid Gorman (parent Erin Gorman), Angelique Bruner (B.K. and Monique Bruner) and Liam Leveto (parent Dr. Jess Leveto).

College Graduates are, so far; Eric Davis (Langston University) parents Corey and Sherie Davis, Danielle Collier (University of Missouri) parents Reggie and Courtney Collier, and one of our first CREED students, Demarius Newsome (Emory Law School) grandmother Rev. Berta Newsome-Jones.

Join us in congratulating these young people. We will send out graduation gifts all summer, so add names and parents fb pages as you learn of them. We will provide as many gifts as we can. If you want to help, you can donate for a general student or someone specific. We will get it to them. 

Congratulations graduates. So proud of all of you.


Fall publication deadline ; October 1, Spring publication deadline; March 1 and Summer, June 1 annually.   

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