About Us

Our Mission

CREED is a nonprofit, independent educational consulting organization committed to empowering our youth and their families.  We help them develop skills and knowledge required to navigate the complex decisions associated with enrolling, attending, and participating fully in a college or university of their choice.  CREED motivates our youth through their selection process and matriculation, and continues to provide support for them during their undergraduate years.

Our Vision

A successful CREED participant will enjoy their college years and emerge as a well rounded scholar and graduate.  Our youth will be prepared to join the work force, lead their communities and motivate other young people.

Our History

The CREED College Readiness Program began in February of 2010 as an idea to assist high school students in their efforts to navigate the sometimes complicated college admissions processes.  We believe that educating young people and their families about the processes involved in pursuing higher ed is important to student success.  Financial aid regulations, estimating college costs, knowing enrollment procedures, and adjusting their plans to accommodate for unexpected expenses and circumstances (exp. a family illness) determining hidden costs are skills all students need to be successful.


In the brief time since founding the organization, CREED has been able to provide educational consulting services to all students who have requested them. 


CREED incorporated in Pennsylvania in '10, & received 501(c)3 tax exempt status in '11.



The end of the year fundraiser is here and we need your help.

Whether you have donated previously or are considering a first donation to CREED, we need your help more than ever.  Rembember that there is no donation too small.  We will credit all donations postmarked by midnight on December 31st, 2015, with tax deductible status for 2015.  We know you believe in our youth, demonstrate that support with a gift to CREED now.


We've Moved!

The CREED College Readiness Program has moved its' headquarters from Meadville PA to Erie, PA, to better serve northwest Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and Western New York.  You can still reach us online, or mail us at CREED College Readiness Program, 815 Hickory Hill Blvd., Erie, PA 16509;  814-853-3956.  Believing in our Youth!  T. Mitchell & R. Matthews, Co-Founders, CREED


CURRENT NEWSLETTER: Winter 2015.  In our most recent newsletter, we how the fall  campus activism drives our future work, reintroduce you to our board members, and discuss our successful pilot program, the CREED college student minigrant program.  Look for the newsletter in digital form on the appropriate page here on our website.  Believing in Our Youth.    


Higher Education Administrators, Faculty and Graduate Students.

CREED is accepting submissions for the Spring 2016 editions of its newsletter.  We will consider submissions that focus on the transition from high school to college, ideas for parents in their preparation to support theirs students goals and like ideas.  If you have an idea for an article, story or opportunity that you want to share with our students, families and stakeholders; please email  creedcollegereadinessprogram@gmail.com.  

Fall publication deadline ; October 1, Spring publication deadline; March 1 and Summer, June 1 annually.   

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Believing in our Youth.